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"My dear, I'll always love you, even if you become a huge, Akira-esque meat abomination." This was more sweet and wholesome then I was expecting, the take away message--if there was one--kind of reminding me of Undertale or something similar. Very nice art/animation/non-verbal storytelling (everything for the most part was pretty clear), and the 3D backgrounds did a lot to create a sort of weird, surreal atmosphere. Bit of a Courage the Cowardly Dog vibe to em.

The perfect thing to watch right before bed, lol. Love to see different stuff like this. Really neat, unique aesthetic and pretty damn unsettling without relying too much on established horror tropes. Good stuff!

BoredKid2471 responds:

Thanks I appreciate it.

I love your style man, and the animation is nice as well. It's slightly choppy, but maybe that's intentional? Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Butzbo responds:

Yeah in general I kept the animation a biit more limited than what it could've been, mostly to focus more on the whole sequence with its variety of dog designs.
Thanks Octopus!

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Do I even need to say anything about the presentation? It's SDF, I'm pretty sure most of us are familiar with his work by this point. The main gameplay mechanics are unique and enjoyable, and there's some depth to being patient and waiting for groups of trick or treaters, but it gets old after 30+ levels. There's just very little variety in the level/area design. That said, the final boss is more than worth sticking it out for.

You are a beautiful man. I too have pondered the complex possibilities of Goomba anatomy from a fairly young age. Also, 'jizz' doesn't seem to do anything, after inputting it to the cheat bar multiple times. Bug, or does it just do something I don't notice?

JoSilver responds:

It works but, I realize I should have added some sort of queue to tell if it's working.

What it does is make the meter fill really fast.

The only problem I really have with this game, is that things don't stop moving after you've been playing for like, ten minutes. O.o Auuuugh.

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Yo, this was...adorable? Am I--am I even fucking allowed to SAY that about a rap battle?

Man, we really need to start up a movement of 5 bombers if only just to balance out that bullshit half a star. Guess someone has a grudge, huh? Stupid people aside, this beat is awesome. I like how you incorporate different styles each time.

I hear a little BSS is in this track. Regardless, this is sexy.

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This character's definitely a cutie. I feel like art and especially cartoon art has the power to show off the appeal of different body types, and I feel like she does a great job of that.

Little disturbed by that "help" on that girl's underwear but otherwise these are some nice sketches. I just hope that's what she wants to be doing. *MonkaS*

G3no responds:

the fat guy " Martin Brown " is an insane method actor filling in the role of a sadistic rapist murderer


I can never figure out what to say in these things.

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