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Posted by OptimisticOctopus - January 17th, 2013

Okay, so I think I'm finally gonna post one of my MP3s. I'm kind of leaping into the abyss here, no instrumentals, no technical skills whatsoever--I can only hope what I have is good enough to share with the public. Hopefully I get some good constructive criticism and that I don't get shut down too hard. I figured for my first upload I'm going with something personal, that way perhaps the quality of the writing and/or what I'm trying to communicate makes up for whatever lack of talent I possess.

Wish me luck.

Posted by OptimisticOctopus - April 9th, 2012

Another rap I did, in tribute to this fantastic game and these well-developed characters.

We're In This Together

(Because I don't have recording equipment :P)

Posted by OptimisticOctopus - February 14th, 2012


My latest work is available in the BBS for public viewing...since the Lit portal isn't here yet. :'( Hip-Hop lyrics I wrote about people (including myself) who "choose" to celebrate Valentine's a little differently...

Posted by OptimisticOctopus - February 8th, 2012

Even if I tried to come up with lyrics to describe this fucking redesign...they just wouldn't do it justice. Bravo, Tom, bravo.

Posted by OptimisticOctopus - December 21st, 2011

I came, saw and conquered them
Then spit phlegm and came again

I took courses and outsourced them to different workforces
Finals week feels akin to being pulled apart by horses
No remorse for my discourse
I've seen worse

The stress is arresting
The testing is akin to
molesting and messing your
impressionable brain
The psychological pain always ingrained
You'll lose your damn head like Ichabod Crane

Think I passed, anyway.

Posted by OptimisticOctopus - November 12th, 2011

Not responding to my texts
Ignoring my calls
Surviving on Kool Aid and tex mex
And smelling like balls

And I was gonna buy him
Quite a nice flight sim
But his brain's become quite dim
Ever since he picked up Skyrim

Posted by OptimisticOctopus - October 18th, 2011

"I have now received reports and contact from three faculty members regarding
your performance in their courses. I have done repeated outreach and asked you to
come in to see me as i see patterns regarding not turning in assignments and
inconsistent test/quiz performance. Please make an appointment to see me as soon as
possible to discuss these issues."


"Well I would need to see you asap and I think you need to fit the time in because
there are SERIOUS issues with your academic performance."

What I WANTED to say to my advisor:

"Well, I think that's a bit of an exaggeration. I recieved my textbooks late, so yes, I am a little behind. However, I have plenty of time to focus and do well on the current assignments (which, I decided, would be better than trying to go backwards and catch up with all the old ones, since that would only make it more difficult to do my current work). And if that wasn't true, you wouldn't be asking to schedule a meeting, would you? Not if I had no hope of suceeding this semester. Therefore, since all you can do is advise me (as the word "advisor" implies), I don't think I really need it. I am a competetant, independent person, and I have my own way of doing things, which has worked for me long before we met."


Posted by OptimisticOctopus - October 6th, 2011

American Horror Story was horrible
The acting was terrifyingly terrible
Creepy shit every five fucking minutes no kind of pacing
My heart passed out on the couch opposite of racing
No sense of subtlety sillier than a simpleton
But what was I expecting when all was said and done
From the D-list celebrity who co-wrote Glee
Shoulda known a musical writer would be bad at mysteries
But hey, least I found my new favorite fall comedy

Posted by OptimisticOctopus - October 5th, 2011

I've procrastinated
Behind on my syllabus
The text on this page is faded
So I suppose sleep is a must

Portal 2 DLC on the menu tomorrow
But german class in the morning
I'll need a book that I can borrow
And at least eight hours of sleep to keep me from snoring.

Posted by OptimisticOctopus - September 28th, 2011

Hey Newgrounds, what's going on? I think I might go blond.
Knock knock, folks, I'm stoked for crude cock jokes.
They say fix standards, I say "Don't fix what's not broke."
Bring on the porn and bring on the stick fighting.
There's forum flame wars to be fiercely igniting.
And if you ask me it's all kind of exciting.
The creativity we're expediting,
Leaving me speechless at the time of this writing.
I wanted to be wittier, probably would've been prettier...
But I guess that's not in my literature.
And I suppose I'm not left with much else to say--
Except I'm happy to be an NG'r and have a nice day.